Most advertising is obtrusive and unwanted by the modern consumer. Our mission is to give thought-leadership organizations (e.g., Innovative Businesses, Educators) a smarter way to reach and galvanize their audiences — to push those audiences, and themselves, forward.

At IMA, we create “digital pathways” though which the right people discover you and become deeply engaged with the meaningful messages you provide. In so doing, you become a source of valuable information, trust and intrigue — as well as an influential voice that inspires progress. The end result? Audiences taking actions that make things better for them and for you — actions that nurture growth.

All it takes is a quiet confidence, the willingness to carve your own path, and the right partner.

Let us show you how to speak softly … and carry a powerful brand.


With our time and/or wallets, IMA is proud to support the following organizations, which strive to advance individuals and our greater culture through education:

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