Over the past several years, digital marketing has become widely adopted by programs* at a number of colleges and universities — as a means of cost-efficiently raising awareness and (hopefully) generating new applications.

But with this fast adoption, a monolith has quickly formed. Many of the digital campaigns we see are strikingly similar — “cookie cutter,” if you will — in their architecture. The one thing they commonly share, which doubles as their Achilles heel, is content that fails to truly engage prospective students, and, by extension, fails to transform them into quality leads/applicants.

In our new segment, The Idea Whisperer, IMA’s co-founder and creative director, Greg Ippolito, analyzes the typical digital higher-ed campaign, and offers an alternative that’s an evolutionary leap beyond the tired norm.

IMA content marketing

*MBA programs have become wildly popular in recent years … but we’re also seeing increased job growth in fields as diverse as biomedical engineering, statistics, aerospace engineering, information technology management, and chemical engineering, just to name a few.