Have you solved the second half of the equation?

Search marketing should be thought of as the first half of the engagement equation. Content marketing is the critical second half.

It’s not just about driving traffic to web pages; it’s about engaging audiences online. Today’s savvy customers are increasingly repelled by the “hard sell,” and are instead looking for deeper, more authentic connections. That’s what great content enables. 

Think about your own online behavior. You search Google for the answer to a question, or catch an interesting item in your Facebook feed, and you CLICK. But that isn’t the end of the transaction. On the other side of that click, you’ll either find something helpful, interesting and/or inspiring … or you’ll kill the page, or click the “Back” button.

That either/or makes all the difference in the world.

The best search and social media marketing will fail without great content — because your audience will be drawn in only to find that their time was wasted. Great content engages audiences and gets shared. Blah content damages brands and gets ignored.

Is your brand generating content that helps, inspires, provokes or excites? If not, talk to us.



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