When it comes to brand activations, go digital.

The term “Brand Activation” is getting a lot of buzz these days. Renowned publications like AdWeek started endorsing it earlier this year. It was all the rage at SXSW 2016. And now, marketers across numerous industries — with B2C and/or B2B audiences — are jumping aboard en masse.

But, what is a “Digital Brand Activation”?

A Digital Brand Activation (or, DBA) is a fast-launch online campaign that drives immediate sales/leads through deep-level audience engagement and specific action prompts.

If you’re new to this general concept, and wary of the hype,* fear not. This isn’t a new idea — at least, not at IMA. We’ve run literally hundreds of such campaigns, and gained myriad insights on what works (and, what doesn’t).

The result of these efforts is a proven, off-the-shelf strategy that enables eye-opening results right from the start of a campaign’s launch:

Digital brand activations are fast, inexpensive and highly measurable.

And, the digital campaign methodology that drives them has been tested, modified, retested and evolved over and over again. It is a tried-and-true strategy that can be plugged into almost any campaign theme, and launched to generate near-instant results.

For companies or brands that need to “move the needle” on a product or service, quickly and reliably, our Digital Brand Activation can be enabled in four simple steps:


1. Identify your target audience (via search and social media activity)

2. Plug-in the Digital Brand Activation strategy

3. Develop the campaign theme + creative

4. Launch the campaign


The benefits of a DBA:


·      Immediate results (awareness, lead-gen, sales)

·      Quick to set up and launch (within weeks, typically)

·     Real-time performance measurement

·     Continuous campaign optimization

·      Strong, quantifiable return on investment (ROI)


Do you need to spike sales of a product or service right away? Or, is your sales team pressuring you to bring in load of new leads — high-quality ones — by quarter’s end? Then a Digital Brand Activation may be just what you need.

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*To be clear, we’re not knocking non-digital brand activations. They can be imaginative, thought-provoking, and enormously successful. Such campaigns can, and have, be brought to life in numerous and varied ways. One might take the form of a gift-wrapped billboard. Or the side-stage at a music festival. Or a TV-show-themed amusement park.

But, while the concept opens wide the door to imaginative thinking, the vagueness of what one can be — and what a client can expect — can become its own trap. Beyond that, non-digital brand activations require a lot of time — not to mention a lot of money — to execute … and for all that investment, it can be hard to know what you’re getting back.

For example, SXSW attendees may have had a great time playing around at the fsociety amusement park, but there’s no telling how many of them went home and started watching Mr. Robot as a result. And, even if you could quantify that, was the added viewership profitable enough to justify the cost of the (albeit very impressive) brand activation? Hmm.