Search Marketing

Search is the most important thing to happen to marketing in the last 15 years (and it didn’t even come from our industry). Google processes more than 3 billion searches per day. (Per day!) People are increasingly turning away from advertising, and, instead, proactively looking for what they want. Are they finding you?


Content Marketing

… and, if they do find you, are you giving them what they want? The best search and social media marketing will fail without great content — because your audience will be drawn in only to find that their time was wasted. Great content keeps audiences engaged and gets shared. Blah content damages brands and gets ignored.


Social Media Marketing

Social media today is the rough marketing equivalent of websites 20 years ago: every brand “does it,” but many with little thought as to how it can help them drive business. Your social media marketing activity should be removed from isolation and integrated into a greater strategy — one that leverages search and content, is measurable, and evolves over time.


Digital Brand Activation

The situation: you have a specific marketing goal that needs to be accomplished in a specific period of time (e.g., capturing X-number of new qualified leads this quarter; converting X-number of new sales by year’s end). IMA leverages a tried-and-true Digital Brand Activation strategy that gets it done — using minimal budget and ensuring an exceptional ROI. 5

  1. By way of example: a recent enrollment campaign, for a client in the higher-ed vertical, brought in an additional $1.7M in tuition over goal — resulting in an ROI of roughly 2,100%.

Ancillary Services

In addition to our “bread and butter” services, IMA solves marketing and business challenges of all forms and types. We develop solutions that get our clients passed the obstacles that hold them back … opening up new eras of progress and growth.