You may be hiding and not even know it.

Search is the most important thing to happen to marketing in the last 15 years. Google processes more than 3 billion searches per day. (Per day!) And every business wants to steer a chunk of that traffic in its direction, naturally.

The problem is, many companies get hung up on traffic as the “end all be all” of search strategies, to the exclusion of other important factors. Like understanding what their prospective customers actually want … and why they “Google” the way they do.

Online traffic is critical, yes. But it’s not all about maximum volume. The quality of that traffic is critical to your marketing success in the Digital Age. And the way you engage that traffic through search marketing makes the difference between whether those leads come in “warm” … or turn to ice.

At IMA, we unearth and analyze relevant search traffic, identify your best audiences, learn about their wants and needs, and determine what channels and methods to use to make those critical connections.

People are increasingly turning away from advertising, and, instead, proactively looking for what they want. Are they finding you? And if/when they find you, are you making an impression that can lead to eventual sales? If you’re not sure, talk to us.



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