There’s “doing it” … and then there’s “doing it well.”

Everybody “does” social media. But, for most, it’s a “have to do,” which is done in isolation. In reality, when done well, social media marketing has the potential to engage, nurture and inspire … transforming strangers into friends, prospects into customers, and customers into loyal customers. But it needs to be strategic, integrated with your greater marketing efforts, and focused on driving audiences to meaningful, valuable content.

As you consider your “organic” (i.e., free!) social media activity, challenge yourself to answer the following:

  • How is your social media marketing activity supporting your business goals?
  • How often do your prospects and customers want to hear from you?
  • Are you using social media to help and engage your audience, or to talk about your brand? (If the latter, you’re doing it wrong.)
  • Which social media channels should you be leveraging? (Hint: Not all of them.)
  • What kind of content do your prospects and customers most want?
  • What’s the best way to measure the impact of your posts/content?
  • Does your social media activity properly reflect your brand’s essence?
  • Is your brand an orchestra (i.e., planning all your social media content in advance) or a jazz group (i.e., doing it on-the-fly, reacting to breaking news, trends, etc.)?

And, as you consider the potential of your paid social media marketing and ads, remember that such campaigns:

  • Give you the ability to microtarget your ideal audiences — by geography, age, interests, business titles, education, and more (depending on the platform)
  • Ensure strong ROI, since you only pay for what works (whether CPC or CPM)
  • Provide hard results from A/B split tests, so you can try different types of content to see what spikes optimum engagement
  • Allow you to manage budgets with ease, capping expenditures by day, week, or customized time period
  • Offer “viral” potential — since a paid post that is “liked” or “shared” by a primary audience member is then spread to his/her connections at no charge 

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